I Made a Bunch of Playlists and All I Got Was a Sick Beat in My Head At All Times

One of the many things that’s ultra-rad about Car Bibles is my EIC Andrew P. Collins’ idea of creating a bunch of driving music playlists. Seriously, it’s an awesome way to set ourselves apart.

For me, all playlists are driving music, so I went to town contributing to the editorial team effort.

Check them all out here!

And here are the ones that yours truly has created, or rather, curated so far:

A quick, random note about the word curate: I live in Los Angeles county; curate is the name of the game as far as assembling anything in a creative manner. Save the root word create for Content Creator, death metal from Essen, Germany, and probably some bizarre-ass title for a SoCal life coach or something. You know, those people who roll around in beat up early-00s Priuses and live on the Canals in Venice. Anyway I’m digressin’ -check out my mixes!

There are two more in the works, too!

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