Motivation and Inspiration From Two of Hollywood’s Greatest Minds

When it comes to finding the inspiration and motivation to work on goals and do what I want to do in life career-wise, not much beats this episode of Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show with Kevin Smith.

Not that I want to become an actor, comedian, or director, but this brilliant discussion has all kinds of great, motivational moments. Especially for anyone who’s ever wanted to do anything creative for a living. But really, the general process of waking up, doing a thing, repetition of it, and striving to get better at it applies.

It’s especially great coming from two very successful individuals who I hold a very high regard for. Not everyone’s crazy about Kevin Smith, but no one can deny the dude has gone quite far in his career as a director. He came from humble beginnings to say the least.

Kevin Pollak is similar. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he was incredibly passionate about comedy, he put in the work, and he did his time.

KPCS is an excellent podcast in general. Or rather, was. He stopped it a year or two ago, and man I miss it. It seems like good, long-form podcasts about comedy/entertainment are few and far between.

I’ve listened to this episode countless times for inspiration. It’s really helped when I’ve gotten down on myself, didn’t get a gig, have gotten burned out, have been bummed out about missed opportunities, have been scared to take a plunge into anything creative, etc. It’s really solid inspiration. It’s also absolutely-hilarious at times -Smith is a goddamn Raconteur.

Shit, as I write this I realize that I really need to work on one of my bigger life goals: write a screenplay. Perhaps I’ll share more about that in a future post.

Check out the video! I started it at a particular part where they discuss just doing a thing, but the entire podcast is absolute gold.

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